Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to the Indiana Survivalist Community

Thanks for checking out my post. My name is Christian and for some time now I’ve been talking to people across the world who are making preparations incase a catastrophe or natural event occurs. If you are reading this it’s because YOU KNOW that the dollar is devaluating, food prices are HIGH, gas prices are…..well need I say more?
My best example would be Katrina. Government took days to just give the people the basics (water and food). How can a baby go days without water or food…..? As for FEMA camps, I don’t trust one bit. Why would a FEMA camps have prison barb wire?

There are many like US out there. Trying to make small communities where we can all strive and work together as one. It’s not that I live in fear of 2012, or Alien attacks. It’s living of the fat of the land. Why pay for electric bill when you can get it for free from the air and the sun? But there are “Laws, rules” that prohibit you from doing such things to your home.

I’m not here scamming anyone out of $40,000. I’m here to share my view and hopefully when we have a few people & schedule a meet and greet were we can share our ideas, set a plan and roll the ball.

First off, I’m looking for certain individuals with certain skills. Nurses/ Doctors/Dentist; Veterinarians; Carpenters; Engineers; Mechanics; Electricians; Farmers/Agriculture; Weapons Guru. People whose skill will be needed to make lives easy. For the mean time, I’m just looking for anyone.

As a group we will determine how big we would like for our group to be. But my idea is not to exceed a large number were food and supplies won’t be enough for everyone. As we grow we can start adding people.

Why? Like I stated before, I’ve been in communication with others who share my idea but due to their distance it’s impossible. Also because if SHTF how would you feed yourself? Or your family? Would you fight for a loaf of bread or canned food? What about when power goes out, how will you keep warm? Or cook? Or refrigerate your food?
Again not to live in fear, but just to be prepared.

Where? I’ve been doing a lot of research as to where I would like to have this established.
There are many nuclear reactors in the US, with about 9 or more on the West Coast near the fault line. If anything were to happen to them, the jet stream would blow all the radiation to the East.
Look at japan.
Two of the safest zones would be
Canada Or Mexico.
I have many contacts in Canada who are setting up these communities. The only problem would be getting permission or living in Canada which means establishing residency (cost time and money). Also, Canada is known for cold weather. This would affect what produce can be grown during each Seasons. Not to mention the snow :( And since our dollar is devaluating, supplies cost more.

I have many family members in Mexico, and know of no one who is setting up communities there. Construction would be cheap, buying land would be really cheap. The only downside is summer. Summers can reach 100-109 degrees. Spring can reach 80-100’s, Autumn and Winter can reach 50’s- 70’s (nice weather!)

Why not in the US?
I LOVE THIS COUNTRY! The only problem I see is people are more focused on Football and American Idol they don’t care if their kids get molested by the TSA. If they don’t care about this, how can they care about martial law? Or dollar davaluation? IF SHTF (again living in preparation not in fear) they will do anything. Yes, we could find a safe hideout somewhere in Colorado or the Rocky Mountains, but there’s more to that.
1. Volcanic Activity
2. Seismic activity (fault line)
3. Weather
4. Cost of land
We will discuss all this in our 1st meeting.

Another thing to keep in mind is undisclosed location. I know of little people who are setting up these communities and are open about it. If SHTF they won’t be able to accommodate hundreds of people. And if word gets around, then you have hundreds of people asking for food and shelter. These are the people who were watching Football and letting their kids get molested, when they could have started getting prepared.
I hate to say this but…..survival of the fittest or smart ones.

Also, there will need to be a good water source. Either way, we will collect rain water, because nothing should go to waste. Again, you’re paying for water bill when water is free….? Not to mention free water comes free of floride.

What you can expect:
My goal is to live off the grid. We would have livestock, which could then be distributed properly to each family or member. You can then sell it or do as you please. Have enough natural source of energy (solar panels or wind turbines). Plant food, also each member would have their own acre/s. Whatever food you grow there would be for you and your family. Anything outside of that is for everyone to share.

I’m young (24) but all I’ve known is work, work, work, work, vacation, work, work, work, work. There’s a story I’ve been told:

There’s a man who lives with his wife. He wakes up, goes fishing, goes to town and sells his fish, comes home takes a nap, goes to town at night to see his friends, comes home and goes to bed. A friend asks him “why not fish more, buy another boat and rent it, then buy another boat and share the profits. He ask….ok, and then what? “Well then you can go to the US and buy a bigger boat and hire more people and fish more and then buy another boat, then you have 2 boats and more money” Then he says….ok, and then what? His friend says “Well then you can retire, go fish in the morning, take a nap, go to town and go home”. The man says “how long would that take” his friend answers”…oh, I guess 20 or some years”……..
So you see he’s already doing what he loves! It’s how we perceive things. The man doesn’t need money! He’s on vacation 24/7 365 year round! But his friend tells him that he has to spend 20+ years to achieve what he’s already doing.

One step at a time. I hope I catch some ones attention. Things are going to get worse (not my opinion) it’s a fact.
You might be asking yourself…what if nothing happens?
If the dollar or the economy doesn’t collapse (look at gas prices), then we could rent the place to American tourist who want to spend summer in mexico. All profits will be distributed equally, or it can go towards buying more land or making more houses. Either way, it’s a little piece of heaven.

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Please spread the word! Specially if you or anyone you know has some of the skills listed above.